About Center for Teaching and Learning 

The objectives of the CTL are to support the learning of students from multiple language/learning backgrounds and to promote sustainable improvement of educational activity for faculty members. CTL will be a place where both students and faculty may consult, obtain support, and participate for the improvement of teaching and learning. CTL will also modify, plan, and develop the educational platform of ICU to examine, analyze and research on students for this purpose.

The CTL will bear functions that fall into the following four categories.

  • Learning support for students
  • Educational Improvement centered on the FD, and support for sustainable
  • improvement of lectures Maintaining teaching and learning environment
  • Examine, analyze and research of students

 Office Information

Open : Weekday 9:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30 (Lunch Time 12:00-13:00)
Location : ILC212
E-mail : ctl@icu.ac.jp


学修・教育センターは、多様な言語・学修背景をもった学生の学修を支援し、学生の学修に繋がる教育活動の継続的な改善の推進とそのための教職員の支 援を行う。学生も教員も相談しやすく、必要な支援が受けられ、学修・教育の改善に参加できる場とするとともに、本学の教育施策の改善、企画、及び開発に寄 与するため、学生調査・分析・研究を行う。


  • 学生に対する学修支援
  • FDを中心とした教育改善と,教員の授業およびその改善の支援
  • 教育学修環境の整備
  • 学生調査・分析・研究