Honkan Equipment / ILC Audio-Visual Equipment 

You will need your ICU Net ID to use the online request system.
If you do not know your ICU Net ID username or password, please ask at the Helpdesk.


  • Only faculty, staff, and TAs may reserve equipment.

  • Please allow us sufficient time to process your request. We may not be able to prepare the equipment that you need at short notice. Also, some equipment is in limited supply and may not be available for the date/time that you have requested. 
    Please read the confirmation email carefully to check whether your reservation has been successful.

  • Normally, equipment is turned off outside school hours. 
    If you would like to use equipment on Sundays/public holidays or outside school hours, please contact the CTL Office. Even if you only require a microphone, you must contact the CTL Office. Please see here for details.