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Computer Purchase

Recommendations for Buying a News Computer

We are often asked by new students what machine we should purchase.
Although we do not recommend a specific brand or model for students, we do provide general guidelines in the hardware we believe are best at this point.
When purchasing a new machine, it is important to consider that you are going to use it for four years during your university life. You have two choice that buying a cheep machine which is likely to be upgraded or replaced in two or three years, or buying a good machine with large  memory so that you can use it to write a graduation thesis.
We also strongly recommend getting a 3 - 4 year on-site service warranty.

■ Windows or Macintosh ?

At ICU, IT services supports both Windows-based computer and Macintosh computers on campus.
50% of faculties are using Windows-based computer and other half are using Macintosh.

■ Windows

We recommend:  
CPU: Core i5 2GHz or more
Memory: 4GB or more

■ Macintosh

We recommend:
CPU: Core i5 2GHz
Memory: 4GB or more

*About Microsoft Office software
This package is provided by Microsoft and includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Onenote and Publisher. Note that this free service is available for the duration of your studies at ICU.
For more detailed information regarding the installation of Office, please refer to the ICU Portal after entering ICU.
    ICU Portal top page > For Students > Computer / Network /E-mail >Others > MS Office Download
We review the contract with Microsoft every year. So, we will announce you on the ICU Portal and this page if the terms of use will be changed.

Apple on Campus

What is Apple on Campus?

Our school is registered for the Apple On Campus program, which allows allenrolled students and faculty members to buy a Mac for an extra specialprice. Saving exceed those already offered Apple’s accademic pricing..