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Introduction to Information Literacy "DGCom"

During the freshman orientation, you will have an "Introduction to Information Literacy (DGCom)" session to learn how to use PCs on campus and IT services at ICU.
* This is a self-study session and you can also take this session at home in advance. But you need a Password Sheet received on matriculation day and "DGCom_procedure(E).pdf" below.
* If you finish in advance, you don't need to take again.


<For students who entered in September 2016> New!!
  • Date & Time:
    OYR (only CLA students)/ Kenkyusei: Friday, September 2, 2016 15:00 - 15:40

    Regular/ GS Students/ OYR (only GS students): Monday, September 5, 2016 9:00 - 9:40
  • Place:
    Integrated Learning Center (ILC) 2F
  • What You Bring:
    The "Password Sheet" printed your ICU Net ID and Password and "ID card"
  • How to learn?:
    Follow the instructional material below.

Wireless Network at ICU

When you use a wireless network service on campus, you need to register your devices.
The Help Desk supports you on the following day.
Please feel free to visit.

<For OYR Student>

  • Date & Time Friday, September 2, 2016 15:15-16:15
  • Place: Integrated Learning Center 1F (ILC-103)
  • *Please bring your device that you wish to connect the ICU wireless network.


<For Regular student>

  • Date & Time Tuesday, September 6, 2016 13:00-16:00
  • Place: Integrated Learning Center 1F (ILC-103)
  • *Please bring your device that you wish to connect the ICU wireless network.


-If you are unable to visit during the scheduled time, please ask helpdesk (ILC-210) respectively or refer to the manual which has been uploaded on September 1, 2016.


* このセッションはパソコンを使用した自習形式で、自宅から受講することもできます。入学式で受け取るパスワードシートとDGCom実施手順書を見ながらぜひチャレンジしてみてください。
* 事前に受講した場合は、DGCom当日に再受講する必要はありません。事前受講時に不明点があった場合は、情報リテラシー入門当日に質問して下さい。


<2016年9月入学生向け> New!!

  • 日時: 
    OYR(学部生のみ)/研究生: 2016年9月2日(金) 15:00-15:40
    学部生/大学院生/OYR(大学院生のみ): 2016年9月5日(月) 9:00-9:40
  • 場所:
    総合学習センター(ILC) 2階のコンピュータ教室
  • 持参物:
  • 受講方法:




  • 日時: 201692日(金) 15:15-16:15
  • 場所: 総合学習センター1F (ILC-103)



  • 日時: 201696日(火) 13:00-16:00
  • 場所: 総合学習センター1F (ILC-103)


- この時間帯も難しい場合は、別途 helpdesk (ILC-210)に問い合わせるか

91日 に手順書が公開されましたのでそちらを見てください。