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Secure Social Networking Services

Bulletin board type systems have long served a communication tool on the Internet, but today the trend favors Social Networking Services (SNS) such as Twitter, Facebook and LINE. These services may be valuable tools for you.
But the information you post may can cause a big problem.
If you damage the standing of the University, you will be penalized.
Before you post, think about the language you use and the pictures and videos you post.
Please take note of the following and use SNS safely.

What is important for the using SNS?

Social Networking Services can be a great way to connect with millions in the world.
But there are tips you should always keep in mind.
Please see the following link and topic.

■ 11 tips for social networking safety (Microsoft)

Check your photo's additional data

When you take pictures with your digital camera or smartphone, the information about camera settings, the date and time, and the location (latitude and longitude)*
1, etc. is embedded automatically*2.
This is called "Exif data".
Therefore, if you post a picture taken near your home, someone may specify your address.

Twitter and Facebook delete Exif data from photos when they are uploaded, but not all SNS do this.
When you post pictures on SNS, we recommend you to delete this data.

*1: In case you take pictures with GPS enabled devices
*2: You can change the settings of your devices or install application not to embed automatically.

Privacy Settings

You can find more information about how to use safely in the official website of each SNS.
Make sure you know how to access and use each SNS privacy settings.

■ Facebook

   - Basic Privacy Settings & Tools (Facebook)
 - Choose Who You Share With (Facebook)

■ Twitter

- Safe Tweeting: the basics (Twitter)
- Tips for teens (Twitter)


- LINE Help (LINE)

■ Instagram

- Controlling Your Visibility (Instagram)

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