about class

About Class

Web Syllabus

All ICU course syllabi (course and lecture outlines) are posted online, on the public web page.
The web syllabus are very important information for students' study planning and for academic advising.
Please upload the web syllabi of all courses you are going to teach.

■ Syllabus Guideline

Syllabus Guideline provides instructions for creating a syllabus.
Please refer to here

Course Information

When you check your course information, please access to the icuMAP. 

■ Full-time Faculty

For more information about icuMAP, please refer here and see "How to use icuMAP".

■ Part-time Faculty

Following is an example of the top page of icuMAP for facilities.
In the blue frame, you can see the various information below.
  • Course Offerings /Syllabus: Course search system
  • List of Courses: List of the course descriptions
  • Online Grading: You can grade wherever you are through the Internet. You can also check the past grades.
  • Enrollment List: The latest enrollment list for each course. Enrollment lists for previous terms/years are also available.

In the red frame, you can check the information about the courses you teach.
  • By clicking "Syllabus" icon, you can edit the syllabus for the course.
  • By clicking the link in "Final Exam." section, you can answer the questionnaire regarding the final exams.
  • You can check the classroom information such as equipment, by clicking the room number on “Room” section (Only HONKAN). When you use ILC classrooms, please refer to this page.

How to use the equipment in classrooms

When you use equipment in classrooms, you may need the reservations in advance.
Please check beforehand what equipment is necessary for your class.
If you use the equipment for the first time, we recommend you to check how to use in advance.

*When you use a projector that is installed in your classroom, you need the key.
So, please make a reservation in advance.


  • Reservation must be made by faculty, staff or TA.
  • Please login to the reservation page with your ICU Net ID.
  • Please make sure to check the contents of the confirmation email and HONKAN equipment reservation status.
  • Except for school hours, the Honkan equipment is turned off. Please contact CTL office (ILC-212) even if you only use a microphone on Sundays and Holidays. See details.


  • Reservation must be made by faculty, staff or TA.
  • Please login to the reservation page with your ICU Net ID.
  • Please make sure to check the contents of the confirmation email.

■ Science Hall
For the classrooms in the Science Hall, please contact the Science Hall Office (SH-N202).

One-time classroom reservations (except for HONKAN)

One-time reservation requests are only scheduled for times when the ILC classrooms are not occupied by  regularly- scheduled classes.
To request a one-time reservation in the ILC, please contact the CTL office (Othmer Library 1F, ctl@icu.ac.jp).


For information about using Moodle, please refer to here.
We support faculty and TA to utilize Moodle. Please feel free to visit CTL.

Exam/ Grading/ TES

Please refer to the Handbook for educational staff members (p.108-114) for information about exams and grading.    
During each academic term, the Educational Affairs Group will ask you whether you will conduct a final examination and announce about submission of grades.

ICU conducts a campus-wide, the Teaching Effectiveness Survey (TES) by students in all the undergraduate courses. The TES sheets along with the procedure manual, prepared by the FD office are handed to the instructors three weeks prior to the end of each term.
For more details, please refer to the Handbook for educational staff members (p.107-108)

TA (Teaching Assistant)/ CS (Classroom Supporter) System

The TA system aims to provide training opportunities for graduate students who wish to become teachers or researchers and CSs are part-time student staff who conduct clerical work related to CLA courses.
Please refer to the Handbook for educational staff members (P.100-101) and check the TA/CS hiring plan carefully because works that TA can do and works that CS can do are different.