What is a Syllabus?

Your syllabus is a tool to describe what you guarantee in your course; it can be considered a contract with students.
For this purpose, it is important to describe the outline of the course, learning goal, course schedule, and grading policy specifically so that students can imagine what they learn and what skill and knowledge they gain.

You are also required to prepare a syllabus for students to be able to keep their motivation to learn throughout the course.

The role of a Syllabus

A syllabus has the important role for not only students and instructors, but also prospective students.
The effective syllabus will be helpful to:

  • Students
    • plan their course plan.
    • understand learning goal and level that they should accomplish by the end of the course.
    • learn the study method of outside the classroom and practice it.
  • Instructors
    • smoothly manage your course.
    • share the course contents and attitude for taking the course with students in advance.
    • improve your teaching and ICU curriculum by sharing other instructors' syllabus.
  • Prospective students
    • be a clue to know about ICU courses

For a better syllabus

A syllabus needs to be created for every course and be based on the Diploma Policy and Curriculum Policy at ICU.
Instructors also need to make the effort to prepare the high-quality syllabus for your teaching.
Therefore, it is important to reconsider and improve your syllabus along with the PDCA cycle to maintain the quality of your course.

P(Plan): set the Learning goals and course schedule     

D(Do): teach along with your syllabus

C(Check): grade and evaluate your course by students and colleagues

A(Action): improve teaching and syllabus based on the evaluation

Important Notice

When writing a syllabus, instructors need to describe course information clearly and specifically. 
Also, course syllabus should meet the various linguistic background and should be considered so that all students can accomplish the goals.
Therefore, when you create a syllabus of each course, please write in English or both English and Japanese.  
"Language of instruction" is helpful not only for course selection and course plan but also for an attitude of independent study.
In particular, for courses with two languages of instruction, such as E/J or J/E, please indicate the extent to which language is used. 
 e.g. Lecture: English, Exam and Essay: Both English and Japanese, Textbook: English, etc. 
For more details about components of a Syllabus, please refer to this page.

Syllabus Guideline


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