CTL Madoguchi

The objective of “The CTL MADOGUCHI” is to provide proper support at an early stage in a student’s difficulties. “The CTL MADOGUCHI” functions as a kind of compass or switching hub for ICU. Whenever anyone has a question or needs something, they can come to the MADOGUCHI and we can think together about what would be a good way to proceed. By introducing the students to the appropriate offices and staffs we aim to remove troubles and difficulties. Please give this leaflet to your advisees and tell them to go to “CTL MADOGUCHI” if they have any questions or concern.

【Location】H-113 Center for Teaching and Learning
【Office Hours】11:20-16:30 (Monday through Friday, in term) 
【Consultation Hours】12:50 -3:00 (Monday through Friday, in term)
※The CTL Staff will support individually.