Use of copyrighted works for educational purposes

When you share or distribute copyrighted materials in your classroom, on Moodle@ICU, or on other websites, you need to consider the Copyright Law of Japan. Please refer to the useful links below. If you have any questions about copyright, please feel free to ask the CTL.

Educational activities and copyright

Copyright grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution. The methods of use and distribution that are covered under copyright include the reproduction, performance, showing, and broadcast of a work, the distribution of a work over the internet, and the rental of a work. A variety of works are protected under copyright law. In school education, a variety of resources such as publications, literature, websites, music and visual images, etc., are used to facilitate the activities conducted in the classroom. We need to pay particular attention to situations in which copyrighted materials are reproduced and distributed in class or posted on to a website like “Moodle.” As you may be aware, copyright law provides some exceptions that allow educators to make use of copyrighted materials as part of their teaching and research without permission. (Refer to the Copyright Act, Article 35) However, the exceptions only apply under “certain conditions.” We need to know when we can use a work without permission and when permission or a license is required.

As teaching material for a lecture held in a conference hall, can a faculty member photocopy a section of a copyrighted publication for 100 enrolled students?

In this situation, the teacher is likely to infringe the copyright of the work since the exceptions apply only to “the extent considered necessary.” Both the distribution of a large number of copies and the use of the reproduced material by a large number of students may not satisfy the condition of “the extent considered necessary.” (As a general rule, the total number of students and faculty members in a single class is considered to be 50.)

A faculty member reproduced copyrighted works for a class and stored it on the university’s internal LAN server for the students to be able to look at at a later date.

In this situation, the faculty member needs to obtain permission from the copyright holder. The lecture for the course has already finished, and also storing copyrighted works on the LAN server (even if it is for internal use only) does not fall under “use in the process of teaching.”

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Especially, we need to pay particular attention to the copyright when distributing works over the internet (e.g. e-learning contents on Moodle, data that is scanned and reproduced). We need to obtain permission from the copyright holder since this is considered as "reproduction” and also “public transmission" even if the material is for internal use only. The copyright law provides some exceptions to the general rule for educational use. However, the conditions for its application are very strict and precise and must be judged on a case by case basis. It is highly recommended that all faculty members check the details of the copyright law once more. Here are some links about copyright for your reference. (*Some of them are only available in Japanese) If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Overview of the Copyright Law

  • Agency for Cultural Affairs (Only in Japanese)

  • Copyright Research and Information Center (CRIC)

Tips when using copyrighted works as teaching material

            Agency of Cultural Affairs (Only in Japanese)  

            Copyright Act, Article 35, Guideline Discussion Group (Only in Japanese)

            Japan Copyright Educational Association (Only in Japanese)


            A link to the website of CRIC

ICU Internal Web pages & Materials about Copyright

  • FD seminar : Copyright *ICU Internal Page. A link to the material that ICU Library created for the “Copyright Seminar” in 2004

  • Copyright A link to the website of ICU Library

Copyright free materials

  • Copyright free materials  *ICU Internal Page The links to copyright free materials which are surmised by Center for Teaching and Learning.

著作物の教材利用 ~著作権の観点から~







教員が大学の大教室で行われる授業の ために、文献の一部を登録受講者数 約100名分コピーするのはOK?



授業の過程で複製した他人の著作物を 学内LANサーバーに蓄積して 後日閲覧できるようにするのはOK?


日本弁理士会近畿支部 知的財産制度検討委員会,「学校教育現場での著作権に関するQ&A」,平成19年3月,p.28-29

著作権法第35条ガイドライン協議会,「学校とその他の教育機関における著作物の複製に関する著作権法第35条ガイドライン」, 平成16年3月, p.2-3







  • FD seminar : Copyright *ICU Internal Page. 図書館にて2014年に教員向けに開催された著作権セミナーでの資料です。

  • 著作権 ICU図書館のウェブサイトにまとめられているページです。