Working Space Room User's Guide 

Working Space(H-113)

  • To use the Working Space, you must be faculty at ICU or a TA.

       (Graduate students who are not TAs and undergraduate students including CSs may not enter this room.)

       Please wear your ID card when using this room.

  • Opening times: 8:30-19:30
  • Equipment available: Computers (5 Windows computers, 4 Macintosh computers), 3 Multifunction Printers(can be used for printing, photocopying, and scanning)
Please note that the Working Space becomes very busy before classes.
We strongly recommend that you prepare the course materials well in advance of your class.

===Photocopying and scanning===

Please note that photocopying or scanning a substantial part of a work as course material infringes the copyright of the work under Copyright Act Article 35 (reproduction, etc. in schools and other educational institutions). Please take care when photocopying/scanning course materials.

In addition, when posting copyrighted works on the Internet (including Internet servers with restricted access such as Moodle, Google, etc.), you need to obtain permission from the copyright holder. (A person who violates this provision shall be punishable by imprisonment with work for a term not more than 3 years or by a fine of not more than 3 million yen.)


Please print only when necessary and print double sided in black and white.
Please consider other users and refrain from printing many copies in one go.

 ■■■ Tips on distributing course materials without printing ■■■

Moodle is a free web application (Learning Management System) that the educators can use to create online learning sites. The Moodle allows students to submit assignments and teachers to return students' assignments. Simply by inputting the assignment title, the submission type, and deadline in Moodle.
Please refer to the website ( for the application and the instruction.

★Finding the email addresses of students enrolled in a course
1. Search for the course using the "Enrollment List"  on icuMAP.
2. Click on "Reg.No" . A list of the students enrolled in the course is displayed.
3. You will find a list of email addresses connected by commas at the bottom of the page.
4. It is possible to send email all at once by Bcc .

★For restricting editing (copy and past) in Word, save as PDF
1. Open Word. Click the "File" tab.
2. Click "Save as" on the left side.
3. Select "PDF(*.pdf)" from the pull-down menu.
4. Save with a name.

Working Space Room (H-113)

Opening Times:Open during term time only (first day of classes - last day of the final exams)
Mon.-Fri.  8:30 - 19:30
Sat.     8:30 - 13:00