Teaching Effectiveness Survey (TES) • 授業効果調査 について

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What is the TES? 授業効果調査とは?

TES Sheet(PDF)   - TESシートのサンプル

ICU conducts a campus-wide, student-driven course evaluation called the Teaching Effectiveness Survey (TES) in all courses.
The TES is conducted, needless to say, in the hope of improving the quality of each course.
Moreover, by implementing it on a campus-wide level, the TES aims to comprehend matters concerning the university curriculum,
timetable and facilities so as to enhance the quality of the entire curriculum currently adopted at ICU.
If you have any questions, please contact the FD Office.

Conducted at the end of every term, the TES aims to improve the quality of each course.
Furthermore, as it is implemented in a consistent and organized way,
the TES helps us to understand common problems, improve our entire curriculum and, consequently, the quality of the education offered at ICU.
Conversely, the TES does not encourage students to rank the faculty or determine which courses are good or bad,
nor does it aim to merely indicate the degree of student satisfaction.

ICU では学生による授業評価を授業効果調査Teaching Effectiveness Survey (TES)と呼んで全学で実施しております。
この調査は、個々の授業の質の向上を目標とすることは言うまでもありませんが、調査を全学的に行うことによ り、カリキュラムや時間帯・施設などの問 題点を把握し、 カリキュラム全体の質の向上を目指しております。 ご質問等がありましたらFD事務室にお問い合わせください。

本学で学期末に実施されるTESは、個々の教員による授業の質の向上を図るだけでなく、 継続的に実施することで問題の共有やカリキュラム全体の改善に役立てる等、組織的な取り組み による教育全体の質の向上を目的としており、 いわゆる「教員評価」や単なる「学生の満足度調査」ではありません。

Schedule スケジュール
  1. Optional question
    • To add question, please input it in the designated form.
  2. TES sheet distribution
    • TES sheet will be distributed to the instructor in each class.
  3. TES implementation
    • To implement TES, please follow the enclosed manual.
  4. Return of result
    •  - You will receive the result and comment by email (each email contains result and comments for one class. Please visit the website to view the average for all courses and departments).
    •  - You can restrict access to results and comments by submitting the designated form.
    •  - To remove student’s comments, please submit the designated form.
    •  - To leave comments to students, please submit the designated from.
  5. TES Result
    •  The TES statistical results and your feedback are made public on the ICU intranet ( Students who wish to see the written comments are welcome to view them in the FD Office (ILC-212).

  1. Optional Question 募集
    • 追加の質問がある場合、指定フォームにご入力の上ご提出ください。
  2. TESシート配布
    • コース毎にTES調査用紙が配布されます。
  3. TES実施
    • 同封のマニュアルに従い実施してください。
  4. 結果返却
    • 担当コースの集計結果および学生コメントを返却します。(コース毎に返却します。全コース平均、分野ごとの平均、枝番平均はサイトでご確認ください。)
    • 結果を公開したくない場合、指定フォームにご入力の上ご提出ください。
    • 削除したい学生コメントがある場合、指定にフォームご入力の上ご提出ください。
    • 学生に対するコメントがある場合、指定フォームにご入力の上ご提出ください。
  5. 結果公開
    • 結果ページには、集計結果および学生へのコメントが掲載されます。(
    • 学生からのコメントは、FDオフィスにて学生が閲覧可能です。

Optional Question オプショナルクエスチョン

TES Optional(PDF)  - オプショナルクエスチョン

Up to nine additional multiple-choice question items can also be utilized on the Teaching Effectiveness Survey (TES) (No.15 - 23),
according to the needs of the instructor, either by choosing necessary questions from the attached list or by writing in a question in the column next to the list. The sheet also has a column for one optional, open-ended question that the instructor has devised.

授業効果調査の4肢選択の質問項目のうち、最大9項目(No.15- No.23)は、担当の先生にご自由に決めていただくことができます。
また、調査用紙の裏面自由記述欄 "E Optional Questions" の質問項目も自由に設定していただくことができます。

TES results /  Average(ALL  GE   CW  H  NS  SS )

In order to help students make informed choices about their courses, ICU has implemented a policy of publicly posting the TES results**.
The results will be posted on the ICU Portal, but the students’ written comments will not be posted.
Faculty will now receive the copy of the mark sheet with comment(s) and students will be allowed to view the original comment sheets in the FD Office.
Making the TES results public is not mandatory. ** “Results” is the enclosed A4 size PDF file which contains horizontal tables with a radar chart at the bottom right.

Feedback for student's comment is always welcome. The one of the main objectives of this activity is to develop better communication between the students and the instructors.
Your comment will be posted on the internal website and we expect the results to improve interactive communication between the students and the instructors.

There are two types of results that you receive as part of the Teaching Effectiveness Survey.
Each PDF file is restricted to the instructor of the course, therefore one needs to log-in with your ICU Net ID.

1. Statistical Result
Statistical result is the compiled data from the front side of the TES sheet.

Statistical result is available in two different languages: English and Japanese.

If the optional question were in English, it will appear in English. If the optional question were in Japanese, it will appear in Japanese.

Data analysis has not been conducted; therefore this statistical result is called “raw data”.

The numbers next to the % in the table indicate the number of students which correspond to the selected answers of questions on the TES sheet.

If the number is 20 under the answer of "Strongly Agree" this means that 20 students have selected this answer.
"Missing" reflects the number of students in case students have left answers blank on the TES sheet.
“Mean” simply shows the average.

2. Student Comments
The enclosed PDF file contains students' comments which can be found on the back of the mark sheet.



閲覧するにはICU Net IDでログインする必要があります。(ご担当コースの結果は、他の教員には閲覧できないようになっています。)

1)  質問項目の集計結果  

表の結果は、いわゆるraw dataと呼ばれるもので、現時点では、出力された結果が何を意味するかの解釈は行っておりません。
数字はそれぞれの項目にマークした人数を表しています。Strongly Agreeに20とある場合、20人の学生がこの欄にマークしたことを表しています。

2)  学生のコメント
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