Basic Policy for Student with Special Needs 障がい学生に関する基本方針

Basic Policy for Student with Special Needs

Standing by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ICU shall prepare and maintain an environment in which all students can learn on the basis of equal opportunity, without any discrimination, and with dignity. ICU shall secure opportunities for those with disabilities to participate in learning, teaching, research, and other related activities equally alongside those without disabilities.


国際基督教大学は世界人権宣言の原則に立ち、すべての学生が機会の 平等を基礎としていかなる差別もなく尊厳をもって学ぶことのできる環境を整備、維持する。本学は障害のある者が障害のない者と平等に学修、教育、研究及び その他の関連する活動全般に参加できる機会を確保する。

The Office of Special Needs Support Services  TOP

特別学修支援室 TOP

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